April - Raissa Bump

Raissa was born in Evanston, IL and grew up in the Hudson Valley of NY state.  She currently lives in San Francisco.  She has a BFA Jewelry & Light Metals from Rhode Island School of Design, and did a semester with Giampaolo Babetto at Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewelry, Florence, Italy.

The Constellation Collection

The Constellation Collection grew out of an exhibition I did with my artist jeweler friend Amy Tavern. A constellation is a collection of related things and maps are different ways of organizing the world around us. These two concepts were central to our exhibition and continue to be central to my inspiration for this collection. Observations of the day and night sky, light and location are directly influencing these pieces and an ease of wear is of key importance.

Interview with Raissa Bump

How did you come to jewelry?

There is no tracing back to the beginning of me and my connection with jewelry. I always liked to wear it and over the years my curiosity of how it was made grew stronger and stronger. When I was young a college student taught me to make intricately woven beaded jewelry which I continued for years and I took my first metal working class in high school.

Where do you gather inspiration?

Taking walks in both natural and urban settings, and making observations as I go. People watching. Looking at picture books. Reading and having conversations with others.

Do you do other types of art, besides jewelry? 

I have a particular fondness for textiles of all kinds and spend a fair amount of time knitting. Whether hand knitting or machine knitting I enjoy playing with color, texture and pattern. I make sweaters, dresses, hats, scarves, and recently some blankets.