May - Sarah Kate Burgess

Born/Raised: Massachusetts

Current Location: Philadelphia, PA

Education: BFA, Jewelry / Metal Design – University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

MFA Metalsmithing – Cranbrook Academy of Art

Silver Droplet Earrings

These earrings are made from sterling silver chain.  The droplets respond to movement and light, highlighting the gestures of the face. 

Chain is structured yet flexible.  It is light and strong. When I work with chain, I feel as if I am making line drawings in space.  Line drawings that shift and change when we put them on our ever-moving bodies.

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Meet the Artist

How did you come to jewelry:

Looking back, it was something have always been drawn to. The jewelry boxes, the ritual, the scale; jewelry was something that always intrigued me.

Where do you gather inspiration:

I find inspiration in everyday objects, and all the techniques that are employed to make them. The abundance of objects is both incredible (because of the inventiveness of the human mind) and a bit revolting to me (due to worries about the environment). For both these reasons I use a lot of found materials in my work.

Does creativity run in your family? Is it supported?:

Both my parents are great problem solvers, and have been supportive of me being creative. My mother’s weaving and costume making definitely influences my work. I grew up surrounded by textiles and this comes through in my work.

What do you do for fun:

Walking/exploring the city, the woods or the beach. I keep my eyes peeled for small things as I walk. Lately I have found myself making toys (for my toddler son) quite a bit. I also like to daydream about gardening, but I don’t have a yard!

Do you do other types of art, besides jewelry:

I find that everything relates back to jewelry, it just might not be wearable.

Favorite trip you have taken:

This is such an impossible question to answer. I love to travel, and have traveled to many great places. I think my stay in Berlin was the most influential to me as an artist, and my trip to China was the most meaningful to me as a person. 

Do you have any ideas or concepts for your next body of work:

Yes, but as usual before I start working, it is hard to pin down into words. Using string to wrap, obscure, or to delineate forms is how it will begin.