August Featured Artists

Courtney Kemp & Karen Vanmol- 

both artists use materials from the home as a starting place from which to make jewelry.

My jewelry aims to make the contemporary and precious from the materials and objects that surround us in our homes, extending beyond factory-made formal qualities to become something new. Sourcing both architectural details and home utility objects, I aim to expose the moments through which we understand an interior domestic space, providing access to subtle glints of recognition: moments in which material quality, formalized and decorative shapes, or slick surfaces can allow the viewer to place a hazy memory in time or space. Each piece in this ongoing body of work is organized by room, allowing the viewer to dissect the contemporary living space through materials that call to specific places; a slice of silicone baking tray, aluminum blind, or white enamel fixture all ask for recognition and validation. The mundane everyday objects integrates itself onto our bodies as fresh, new, and wearable.

Protecting or imitating nature, the use of natural materials in architecture, the restoring of a road surface, accidental strong shapes on a construction site, these things I find very interesting. I always encounter interesting images that I use as an inspiration. In addition, there is a certain choice of materials and colors, these are strongly influenced by memories. Eventually I work with materials. I find out the properties they possess and how I can edit them and this will count in the final result. 

In the previous paragraph, you can read a bit of how I usually tell my statement. But what I do not tell there, is where these interests come from. I grew up with my brother and parents on the countryside. The neighbors were my grandparents and great-grandparents, older related family lived down the small street. My father was continually remodeling our house. I always wanted to help him and ended playing with the left over materials. My grandfather had an orchard where he spent a lot of time and well maintained the trees. I remember the ways he would treat a diseased tree. He also had a kitchen in bright colored laminate. My grandmother used to wear these plastic colored bead necklaces. The street had x shape impressions... I can continue to find these similarities. But for me it is important that I don't use these things in a melancholic way, it is just something I experienced.