Monthly Multiple- a unique, one of a kind piece made just for the Heidi Lowe Gallery.  Every month is a new artist and new piece of work.


Tara Locklear

Urban Archetype Study Series-  made from recycled local skateboards & sterling silver.

This series investigates industrial and cultural materials from which Tara creates wearable objects.  Having a dual role of visual power and style, the jewelry exudes the street-savvy essence of its urban environment.  Strong lines and manicured surfaces create sculptural dialog allowing the work to function as a focal point of the wearer.

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Meet the Artist




Education Major: BFA, JEWELRY/ METAL DESIGN - East Carolina University

How did you come to jewelry: I found jewelry when I was taking a survey class at East Carolina University.  It was the first time I had ever seen anyone saw sheet metal.  I was hooked!

Where do you gather inspiration: pretty much everywhere.  i love people watching and the mid-century design period.  i love sitting and staring at the architecture and wearable designs of this time.  The clean lines with a flair of color that I just am gravitated to.

Does creativity run in your family? Is it supported?: creativity in the sense of making things tick mechanically.  my father was a CNC machinist his whole career and I guess tinkering in his studio since I was allowed to pick up a hammer really subconsciously sunk in.  working with the hands in family is definitely supported.  

What do you do for fun: i really love treating myself to a good coffee and taking a drive to anywhere and looking, photographing or just thinking.  

Jobs before you got into jewelry: i was a restaurant general manager and event planner and managed a tattoo shop.

Do you do other types of art, besides jewelry: no

Any volunteer organizations or activities you are crazy about: any animal rescue mission.  i have such a huge heart for all things furry!

Favorite trip you have taken:  that’s a tough one.  I recently have been reminiscing about my trip to Cinque Terre, Italy from 2010.  The water and terrace cliffs were so incredible!  But, my recent cross country drive this past August to San Francisco and back was so great.  To see so much of the states was really breathtaking.  

Do you have any ideas or concepts for your next body of work: I really have been moving mentally in a direction that encompasses more of who I am now and where I am in my personal and studio space.  I feel some of the ideas of simplicity and less is more are swimming in my design process with the new ideas of what jewelry means to me.  My concept will be more about material perception of use and strength versus the material value and status.  

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?  I actually have two: my birth father and my metals father, Cardell Locklear and Robert Ebendorf.  Why: Both my dad and Bob have known me through different stages in my life.  My father throughout my whole life has been there for all my personal ups and downs.  He’s seen me have my heart broken to finding the love of my life, quit school to finishing 15 years later, and start a professional career to only quit to follow my passion of making.  Bob has known me from the time I was working two jobs and only the young lady in the neighborhood who worked all the time.  To the student who he had such a huge impact on in the way I approach my bench and the field of jewelry making.  Bob has helped me to cry when I get frustrated but to turn the tears into good work.  He has shared how to fall down and brush your knees off so you can get started again.  He also helped me to be ok with being scared of not knowing what I was doing in the world of metals but to just know that I loved it and to keep working at it.  The same advice my father gave me when I met my husband.  Both men has helped to develop and keep developing the woman and maker I am today.