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Bracelets in all forms

Tuesdays from 6-9pm

October 7, 14, 21, 28

Adorn the wrist.  Participants get hands-on experience using the materials and tools essential to metalsmithing. Students will create three bracelets of their own design; a cuff, a bangle, and a linked bracelet.  We will work through basic metalsmithing techniques such as lay-out, piercing, soldering, chain making and forming to create each unique piece.  Bracelet are a great format to explore various themes and techniques.  

340.00 includes all materials and tools

Rings! Rings! Rings! 

4 Tuesdays in November, 6-9pm

November 4, 11, 18, 25

In this course we will explore the ring inside and out.  The ring is personal and intimate; it's a great format to expand your skills.  This class is for beginner and intermediate students who want to learn and improve their metalsmithing and design skills.  We will start with a basic textured band ring.  This allows students to try all the basic techniques in a quick and easy ring.  Students will build upon this knowledge to create a ring with a bezel set stone.  Then we will create an overlay ring which pushes students to develop their piercing and soldering skills.  Skill learned in this class include sawing, filing, bezel setting, piercing, soldering, forming, and finishing.  Participants will leave with three rings and many skills they can take and apply to other formats of jewelry.

340.00 includes all materials and tools

No experience necessary, must be 13 years or older. Call the gallery, 302-227-9203, for more information or sign up online to reserve your spot today!  Space is limited.

2 Day Workshops!

Come take a 2 day class with one of our guest instructors and learn some great new techniques to add to your jewelry making skill set! 

September 19th & 20th
10-4 pm
Decorative and functional tabs with Shella Robinson

Learn creative, versatile ways of setting stones and found objects by making your own tab settings out of sheet metal.  This workshop is great for experienced students who want to expand their setting options and simple enough for beginners too.  No soldering required!   Great for larger stones and found objects that may have surfaces or forms that are inappropriate for bezel setting.  Tabs can range from being a discrete way to set something or be a prominent part of the design.  This class will cover tab setting and pop up tab setting.  I will also cover basic metal working techniques and design options specific to each object you want to set.

Bring your imagination, various stones, cabochons, enamels, beach rocks, seashells, coins, crystals, and other found objects that you want to set.  (It’s best if these have relatively flat backs and you bring a variety just in case some objects aren't suitable for these settings)

October 12th & 13th
Powder Coating with Amy Klainer

Learn to powder coat! The process of powder coating allows for a colorful and durable surface finish on a variety of metals. In this 2 day workshop, we will be sawing and piercing your cuff bracelet or earring designs in sheet metal, and then using the powder coating process to add vivid color. Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with colors and their application, and will walk away with a finished piece of jewelry. 

October 31st & November 1st
Filigree and advanced soldering with Melissa Graff

Filigree is the art of twisting and soldering precious metals into intricate designs. Using beautiful unique lacy patterns, students will learn techniques for creating elegant filigree rings. Participants will examine and manipulate line, pattern, and repetition to personalize their work. Along with demonstrations, this course also consists of discussions and one-on-one time. Each student will walk away with a unique filigree ring of their own. Participants must be fully comfortable and capable of soldering with a torch.