Kat Cole

Dallas, TX

I find meaning through the observance and intimate awareness of the places I inhabit. A place is made up of many aspects both natural and mad-made, and it is these human structures that intrigue me most. In a city, architecture so surrounds us it is nothing more than white noise in daily life. But these structures, like us, have exteriors that can advertise or obscure what is within and they can be built up, repaired or destroyed by the community around them. Each house, factory or high-rise was built with imperfect human hands and through time and use these constructions become the evidence of human inhabitance, both past and present, in a place. The play between the intimate scale of jewelry and the monumental structures that inspire me brings a kind of tension to the work. An attempt to contain some quality of place and experience that is larger than the individual or object.

Kat Cole received her MFA at East Carolina University and BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and was a Visiting Professor in Metals/Jewelry at Western Michigan University. Cole is currently a studio artist in Dallas, TX. She has presented at the Yuma Symposium, exhibited Schmuck, an international contemporary jewelry exhibition in Munich, Germany and her work can be seen at Facere Art Jewelry Gallery in Seattle WA, Light Art + Design in Chapel Hill, NC and Velvet da Vinci in San Francisco CA. Cole’s work is in private and public collections including The Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.