Katie Morrissey

Reno, NV

'Continually interested in mass produced and readily available jewelry and the immediacy in which these pieces can be recognized, understood, consumed, and soon forgotten, I aim to create new situations for cheap jewelry items.  My labor and use of raw materials, such as silver, bone, paint, augment the monetary as well as use value of previously unoriginal and accessible items. By accentuating relationships based on color or surface texture, and freezing moments that are usually only perceived in motion, the formal decisions I make adhere to their own hierarchy of value.  Breaching expectations through consideration, my work values and accentuates values that I believe can only be translated visually.'

E9 Morrissey, Katie silver triangle with hanging brass oval.jpg
EE10 Morrissey, Katie sterling silver bar on post with small bone circle and brass u shape at bottom.jpg
EE11 Morrissey, Katie small bone earrings, turquoise and white attached to silver diamond shape on post.jpg
EE12 Morrissey, Katie plain silver diamond shape, hanging silver half oval dipped in green paint.jpg
EE13 Morrissey, Katie single brass tube attached to silver rectangle with small piece of bone at top.jpg
N1 Morrissey, Katie antler with brass and hanging glass stone.jpg
N2 Morrissey, Katie brass u shape with glass crystal.jpg