Multiples Exhibition 2012- on view through January 31st

The upcoming exhibition will present unique and innovative jewelry that is produced as a limited edition or multiple. It is the exhibition's objective to present work that explores a range of materials, processes, formats, and ideas.

EE10 Kedinger, R.: Large Floret Post, Black:Grey_Earring_2012.jpg

Earrings by Rachel Kedinger

B2 Fine,R: Large Blue Silicone Bangle_Bracelet_2012.jpg

Bracelet by Rachel Fine

Loop Hoop 2 Red.jpeg

 Earrings by Maria Eife


August 11th, 2012- October 1st, 2012 

Featuring work by:

Courtney Kemp, Jimin Park, and Lauren Griffiths

Curated by:

Megan Romero

Desire seeks to investigate the properties within art jewelry that allow a material object to become sought after or longed for. Through the work of Lauren Griffiths, Coutney Kemp, and Jimin Park a new dynamic is formed to explore and challenge this idea. In the work of these artists, coveted objects are no longer limited to precious stones, gems, and metals; but extends to synthetics, color, reclaimed materials, and found objects. These material choices drastically challenge the notion of the precious object while at the same time maintaining a level of longing for within the newly transformed work. This work begins to create a visual lust within the non-precious, which is contradictory to the traditional history of art jewelry. The work of these artists has created a shift within contemporary jewelry, placing value and importance on the beauty inherent in the material, rather than transforming the material into a traditionally desired form. 


Installation shot of Desire

Barbara Klar Trunk Show

August 23, 24 and 25th

August 23rd, Cocktail hour from 6pm-9pm

August 24 and 25th, Trunk Show 10am-9pm

Klar, B.:Scale Earring_2012.jpg

Earrings by Barbara Klar

Earrings Galore

June 9, 2012 - August 6, 2012

The 6th annual Earrings Galore Exhibition features earrings made by artists all over the country. This show brings together a wide range of artistic styles and interpretations of the earring format.  It is representative of the breath of contemporary jewelers' creative and diverse approaches to adornment.


Installation view of Earrings Galore, 2012


Karola Torkos, White Dot Earrings

Bolhuis, K.: Five sails_Earrings_2012.jpg

 Kristin Bolhuis, Five sail Earrings