Shane Prada

Baltimore, MD

In my work, I am attracted to color, texture, and repetitive elements. My aesthetic is playful, delicate, and feminine with bold, bright colors. What I make is undoubtedly always imbued with the mark of my own hand, and I use that mark as a narrative element, an indication of dedication and care. The hand stitching and hand-painted elements of my work allow me to display that mark.

The earrings in this collection represent the various elements that I incorporate in my studio practice. I work primarily with steel, and I combine it with more delicate materials like fiber, thread, and paint as a way to balance the strength and rigidity that the metal can convey. I hope that my work inspires a kind of delight in the onlooker akin to what we all felt (and perhaps still do) in passing by a candy store, that desire to touch and hold and indulge. The bright colors and repetitive patterns in this collection help me to impart a sense of fun and spontaneity to the wearer.