Raissa Bump

San Francisco, CA

Spending time by myself creating has always been what I retreat to. I could never say that it happened in a conscious way to make jewelry, but some undeniable, unexplainable force must have a plan for me because one of my treasured items is a necklace I made around the age of seven, I made and sold intricately woven beaded necklaces in high school and I did decide to go to Rhode Island School of Design to pursue metalworking (and stuck to it even though it was not until years after college that I created something in metal that I felt like my spirit was in it.) I don’t know that I have a choice over the matter. And yet I choose to do this every single day. I am dedicated, curious. I have a gravitational pull towards how humans express themselves. Voice–especially the non-verbal kind. How our inner world is expressed in an outward way-BEAUTY. Jewelry fits quite wonderfully in to that. Feel its beauty, your beauty.