Mary Raivel

Baltimore, MD

Inspired by mid-century modern design and the abstract expressionist paintings of that era, I strive to capture the line, elegance and simplicity of those works in my pieces. I love to highlight the beauty of the metal itself, and to use color in subtle ways--usually on interior surfaces that are nonetheless visible to the wearer and the viewer.  Movement is an important element in all of my jewelry.  My pieces are either comprised of separate components that move independently, or the design of the piece provides a sense of movement. All of my pieces are hand-fabricated from fine silver or bronze sheet, which I solder and form.  I also feature nylon-coated steel beading wire as a connector of elements within my pieces.  Although it is a material not usually meant to be seen, I find it beautiful.  I use aerosol spray paints to add the vibrant hints of color to my pieces

I have spent most of my life in Maryland and Washington, DC.  After attending college in Washington, DC with a major in Psychology, I attended law school in Baltimore, and have practiced environmental law for over 20 years.  I currently live in Baltimore, where I discovered the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Jewelry Center--now the Baltimore Jewelry Center--in 2010.  I have been studying there part-time ever since, and participating in its vibrant and thriving community. I am constantly inspired by the work of its members.  I am thrilled to have discovered the art of jewelry design and making, and to have rediscovered my artist self.