Caitie Sellers

Richmond, VA

My work is informed by my sense of place and observations of the many cities in which I’ve lived. I draw from themes of urbanization, particularly infrastructure and architecture. Highways, railroads, and power lines link us in a common web across the developed world, varying little in their construction. These structures require the most sophisticated engineering to accomplish, yet they are so familiar as to be largely ignored. It is interesting to me to turn this imagery into adornment, using the language of jewelry to load value onto these basic necessities for modern urban life. I am also interested in the subtle changes of architectural details between cities and the visual cues that inform an outsider of a place’s personality. I catalogue these similarities and differences in my work, allowing the person who wears my jewelry to make a connection to her specific place in the world by dressing in a representation of its landscape.

Caitie received her BFA in Craft/Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. After graduating, she spent the summer of 2008 teaching jewelry-making lessons to women in isolated regions near Xela, Guatemala. Upon returning to the U.S., Caitie moved between Montana, North Carolina, and Texas developing her own jewelry, working professionally as a floral designer, and assisting jewelry designers and artists. Her work ranges from one of a kind small sculpture to limited production wearable jewelry and can be found in stores, galleries, and museums across the country. Caitie was an Artist-in-Residence at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft in 2014 and a recent a co-director/resident artist at Clamp Light Artist Studios and Gallery in San Antonio, Texas. She is currently collaborating with three Richmond, Virginia artists to open The Elevator Collective, a multi-discipline craft studio in a former elevator components factory.