Olivia Suffern

Cincinnati, OH

Ever since I happened upon shards of Depression Era glassware in a dried up creek bed near my childhood home, I have been enchanted with the material. By combining remnants of this glass with designs reminiscent of the Depression Era, I am validating the history of our collective fantasy. The hauntingly subtle coloration and quaint patterns of the glass evoke an age of domestic bliss; a time when children tugged on the strings of their mothers' frilly aprons and the invasive presence of modern technology existed only in the plots of five-cent pulp fiction. Yet this 1930s is one of our nostalgic imagining. In reality, men lined the streets for work, a Second World War lay uncomfortably imminent, and my own great grandmother shot and cooked opossum to feed her family. These earrings illustrate the fantastical realm between real and imagined history, examining the mythic grace and dignity we graft onto the past in a feeble attempt to escape the anxiety, obligations, and struggles of modern life.

Olivia Marie Suffern is an artist, jeweler, designer and maker. She hand crafts each of her pieces in her Cincinnati, OH studio. Olivia combines traditional and innovative metal smithing and pictorial techniques to create work that eludes the boundaries of any specific discipline. Her imaginative work manifests quirkiness from the mundane and illustrates the uniqueness that we all share.