Jewelry for a cause: Margo's Forget-Me-Not Pendant

Margo was a presence:
witty, quick and passionate, always selfless.
Margo Bauer May 9, 1942 - April 24, 1994

Margo Bauer
May 9, 1942 - April 24, 1994

It has been many years since Margo lost her life to Leiomyosarcoma (LMS), a rare and aggressive form of cancer. The memory of Margo - over six feet tall with the biggest smile, easiest laugh, and warmest eyes - has stayed with her husband and their children, her siblings, family, friends, and all who knew and loved her.  Her daughters can attest to how many of their friends came over for a visit, only to wind up talking with Margo across the dining room table instead. She always showed such a genuine interest in their developing lives. It is likely that no other mother was ever chosen as a confirmation sponsor quite so many times! She was a born storyteller and writer; stories were part and parcel of who she was, perhaps an innate piece of her Irish heritage.  She never took herself too seriously, the product of being one of seven, wedged in between boys. Margo attacked LMS and being sick with her characteristic pluck and humor. To lighten the mood after losing her hair to chemo, she came downstairs in a Chiquita Banana style turban. She was in therapy for months before she could be convinced that it was all right to simply state, “Pardon my French - this sucks.”

When Margo was ill, there was no LMS network or foundation, which created a very disorienting and lonely experience. Margo's family is happy to have found the LMS Direct Research Foundation. As a Sacred Heart girl, her favorite goal was Faith in Action. She would appreciate the Foundation’s tagline, WORKING for the Cure, and that 100% of funds received support the best scientists researching this devastating and less understood form of cancer. 

It is a testimony to her spirit that, after she left, people would always describe Margo as being their “best friend.” She made everyone feel that way. She had that magical quality of making you feel like you were the only person in the world when she spoke with you. She is missed every single day by many. The Forget-Me-Not flower has come to represent the impossibility of forgetting Margo. 

Heidi Lowe knew Margo. The Bauer and Lowe families were lucky enough to cross paths in Rehoboth Beach many years ago. In thinking of a way to raise money for Margo's LMS tribute fund, it seemed fitting to have Heidi use her art to honor Margo while also securing research funding. Heidi created this simple, elegant, and unique Forget-Me-Not pendant that we think captures the essence of Margo's spirit perfectly. For every pendant sold, $50 will go to Margo's LMS Direct Research tribute fund, and in turn, directly to a research scientist who is working on this awful cancer. Of course, you also get a beautiful piece of jewelry that enables you to remember Margo and wear your cause.