Ever feel overwhelmed?


What I do when I feel overwhelmed?

Sometimes I have too much swirling around in my head; upcoming events, exhibitions, work that needs to be made, courses I am creating, not to mention the day to day activities.  This feeling of being out of control and overwhelmed leads to worry about how and if it will all get done. I feel it when my chest tightens and I become impatient with life. Now I recognize that feeling and I know I need to get it all out of my head and onto paper so I can see what is in front of me.  I am not talking about a “to do list”. Drastic times call for drastic measures. I need a roll of paper about 2 x 6 ft long a few colorful sharpie markers and a little time. I create categories with bullet points which get linked together with arrows and narrowed down with circles and slashes. I add initials to those tasks which can be delegate.  Then I prioritize and create action steps for myself. This is usually finished with scheduling the actions and putting reminders in my phone. At this point I sit back, take a deep breathe, and see this will all get done just not all at the same time. There is something about a big sheet of paper that allows me to purge my brain, reorganize it and take tasks on with new confidence.  What is your strategy for overcoming overwhelm?

What is business coaching with Heidi Lowe?

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What is a business coach?

Business coaching is a way to set your business compass on the track you really want instead of the one you thought you wanted.  It’s working with someone to get clarity about your values, goals, and abilities. Business coaching helps you prioritize what is important instead of reacting to what comes up from moment to moment.  We also touch on logistics such as employees, accounting software, or scheduling programs, taxes, sub-contracting and such.

We look at where you are now, what you are doing well, where there is room for growth, what you can let go of, and where you want to go.  Once we are clear about where you are and aligned with your values, then we chart the course to get you where you are going and provide accountability.  It’s an hour a week or every other week to look at, assess and create a plan. It can be the most valuable hour of your work week.

If you have any questions about business coaching feel free to contact me via emial- Heidilowegallery@gmail.co

10 Takeaways from the Impact Summit

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As many of you know I attended the Impact Summit 2019 hosted by Kajabi(an all-in-one platform for online business). The conference focused on digital media, marketing and business. All of the speakers talked about the technical aspects, business and inner hurdles. I made some great connections and even got to meet my favorite podcaster, James Wedmore. This trip left me inspired and ITcame home ready to get to work.


-Create space in your week to create.   -Amy Porterfield

-Power is in the simplicity. Refine rather than remake. -Amy Porterfield

-Look inside for the answers, especially when you are uncertain.- Rachel Hollis

-Just get started! -J.cron

-Start small and messy! - Chalene Johnson

-Go Deep, investigate a subject that fascinates you. -Brendon Burchard

-Storytelling is key as our brains are hardwired for it. - Brock Johnson

-Youtube has huge potential.(and I am not going there right now.)  -Sean Cannell

-BLOG, BLOG, BLOG- it helps google find you and therefore your customer. -Neil Patel

-Deliver value and be concise as possible. Overwhelm=inactivity -James Wedmore

Create a Morning Routine


Morning Routine

For a year, all signs have pointed to creating a morning routine as a away to connect with myself and quiet my mind.  I heard it from my acupuncturist, my friends, business leaders, and when I sat quietly I heard it within myself. I knew this, but I was not working it into my life.  I would simply hit the ground running in the morning. After waking up, I would be in my running shoes and out the door or in the shower. It was as if I was not even thinking and my unconscious mind was already in a program from the past.  

This year I was determined to work it into my life. I put the yoga mat and tools on the floor next to my bed where I can not miss them.  Now, I literally roll out of bed and onto the floor to my yoga mat. This practice is not the same every day and it is not perfect, but it feels good. My routine happens four to five days a week, and it includes a few but not all of these practices; tarot cards, money journal, three pages stream of consciousness, intentions, gratefulness, dreams/goals, stretching and at the end 5 min of sitting quietly to seal it in.

I have been doing a version of this practice since January and I feel more grounded, in touch with my creativity, and connected to myself. The stream of consciousness writing helps me see where I am that day and then I get to choose to shift or stay.  The cards help me figure out what to focus on or notice throughout my day. The money journal, goals, and dreams help me manifest what I want in the future.

What am I offering you, a morning practice. Whatever you feel is right for you. Take mine or swipe parts and make it your own. This time to slow down and reflect is a proven habit of highly productive humans. Change your environment to prompt you to fall into the routine instead of forcing yourself into it.  Morning seems to be the best time, just before you are fully awake so you can grab that little bit of unconscious knowledge. Give yourself nice tools to work with; great pens and a beautiful journal, tarot cards that draw you in and a blanket that comforts.

I hope this inspires you to create or lean into your own morning practice and set your day off in the right direction.


Moleskin journal

Quality pens(uni-ball is my fav)

Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Cards

Wild Unknown Tarot Cards

The Creative Tarot by Jess Crispin

The Five Minute Journal

Yoga mat

Insight Timer App