What is business coaching with Heidi Lowe?

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What is a business coach?

Business coaching is a way to set your business compass on the track you really want instead of the one you thought you wanted.  It’s working with someone to get clarity about your values, goals, and abilities. Business coaching helps you prioritize what is important instead of reacting to what comes up from moment to moment.  We also touch on logistics such as employees, accounting software, or scheduling programs, taxes, sub-contracting and such.

We look at where you are now, what you are doing well, where there is room for growth, what you can let go of, and where you want to go.  Once we are clear about where you are and aligned with your values, then we chart the course to get you where you are going and provide accountability.  It’s an hour a week or every other week to look at, assess and create a plan. It can be the most valuable hour of your work week.

If you have any questions about business coaching feel free to contact me via emial- Heidilowegallery@gmail.co