10 Takeaways from the Impact Summit

kajabi summit.jpg

As many of you know I attended the Impact Summit 2019 hosted by Kajabi(an all-in-one platform for online business). The conference focused on digital media, marketing and business. All of the speakers talked about the technical aspects, business and inner hurdles. I made some great connections and even got to meet my favorite podcaster, James Wedmore. This trip left me inspired and ITcame home ready to get to work.


-Create space in your week to create.   -Amy Porterfield

-Power is in the simplicity. Refine rather than remake. -Amy Porterfield

-Look inside for the answers, especially when you are uncertain.- Rachel Hollis

-Just get started! -J.cron

-Start small and messy! - Chalene Johnson

-Go Deep, investigate a subject that fascinates you. -Brendon Burchard

-Storytelling is key as our brains are hardwired for it. - Brock Johnson

-Youtube has huge potential.(and I am not going there right now.)  -Sean Cannell

-BLOG, BLOG, BLOG- it helps google find you and therefore your customer. -Neil Patel

-Deliver value and be concise as possible. Overwhelm=inactivity -James Wedmore