Create a Morning Routine


Morning Routine

For a year, all signs have pointed to creating a morning routine as a away to connect with myself and quiet my mind.  I heard it from my acupuncturist, my friends, business leaders, and when I sat quietly I heard it within myself. I knew this, but I was not working it into my life.  I would simply hit the ground running in the morning. After waking up, I would be in my running shoes and out the door or in the shower. It was as if I was not even thinking and my unconscious mind was already in a program from the past.  

This year I was determined to work it into my life. I put the yoga mat and tools on the floor next to my bed where I can not miss them.  Now, I literally roll out of bed and onto the floor to my yoga mat. This practice is not the same every day and it is not perfect, but it feels good. My routine happens four to five days a week, and it includes a few but not all of these practices; tarot cards, money journal, three pages stream of consciousness, intentions, gratefulness, dreams/goals, stretching and at the end 5 min of sitting quietly to seal it in.

I have been doing a version of this practice since January and I feel more grounded, in touch with my creativity, and connected to myself. The stream of consciousness writing helps me see where I am that day and then I get to choose to shift or stay.  The cards help me figure out what to focus on or notice throughout my day. The money journal, goals, and dreams help me manifest what I want in the future.

What am I offering you, a morning practice. Whatever you feel is right for you. Take mine or swipe parts and make it your own. This time to slow down and reflect is a proven habit of highly productive humans. Change your environment to prompt you to fall into the routine instead of forcing yourself into it.  Morning seems to be the best time, just before you are fully awake so you can grab that little bit of unconscious knowledge. Give yourself nice tools to work with; great pens and a beautiful journal, tarot cards that draw you in and a blanket that comforts.

I hope this inspires you to create or lean into your own morning practice and set your day off in the right direction.


Moleskin journal

Quality pens(uni-ball is my fav)

Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Cards

Wild Unknown Tarot Cards

The Creative Tarot by Jess Crispin

The Five Minute Journal

Yoga mat

Insight Timer App