In this video, you will learn the design and finishing process of making an overlay ring. You will learn to pierce out a design of your choice, saw, file, sweat solder the pieces together, form and polish an overlay ring.  (27:52 min)

For all our online courses, you will need the Basic Toolkit and the Soldering Essentials Toolkit in addition to the tools & materials listed below.

Overlay Ring Course Extra Tools

These are the extra tools you will need to complete the Overlay Ring Instructional Video Course: 

  1. needle files
  2. center punch
  3. hammer
  4. steel block
  5. small drill bit
  6. rubber cement glue

You will need the following item to complete this video, which is not included in this kit:

  1. black max (if you want to darken the design on your ring)
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Overlay Ring Course Materials

These are the materials you will need for the Overlay Ring Instructional Video Course: 

  1. 22 gauge sheet silver
  2. hard solder

*price may change due to fluctuating price of silver

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Instructional Video Preview Images