Custom Wedding Jewelry by Heidi Lowe

Forged with love, Heidi Lowe works with you to create a beautiful symbol of your lifelong commitment. The design process starts with five words about what makes the couple unique; things they love to do, places they go, where they fell in love, and what carries meaning in their lives.  She tries to get to the core of the relationship and to the mushy love.  Heidi looks for symbols, imagery, and layers to weave together to create a design that is truly unique.  The rings become part of their story, this is a step that asks the couple to take pause and really think about their core values, and the crossover that has brought them together.  

From this place Heidi goes to work at the drawing board.  The couple then looks through the drawings to see what really resonates and what needs to be refined.  The process allows clients to really be part of the process.  Many times all parties are drawn to the same ring and then its time for Heidi to get to work sourcing stones and metal, estimating costs and creating the one of kind symbol of commitment.

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"I never thought I wanted to design wedding jewelry because I thought it was all the same.  Now it's one of my favorite things to do.  I love getting to know what makes each couple  unique and finding a way to represent that in a wearable object."

                                                                       -Heidi Lowe