This innovative jewelry studio is only made possible by the talented artists that contribute unique and custom works of art for display.
— Heidi Lowe

The Lowe family, Rehoboth natives have been invested in the arts for a long time.  Colleen Lowe sprinkled art throughout the town by teaching art classes at the Rehoboth Art League and Cape Henlopen High School.  She gave her kids, Heidi, Josh and Taylor the gift of art at a very young age.  This gift has played a major part in all of their lives. They come together in an exhibition of oils, watercolors, pastels, prints and jewelry.

Home Show

featuring work from Karen Vanmol & Courtney Kemp

Opening Reception Saturday, August 9 from 6 to 9pm

Home, includes work by artists Karen Vanmol & Courtney Kemp.  Both artists use materials from the home as a starting place from which to make jewelry.  

Vanmol finds inspiration in the every evolving and changing architecture and nature around us.  Visually she hunts for images and composition and physically she collects materials from her surroundings.  Many of the materials she chooses reference a personal history but are left open enough for the projected memories of the viewer.  

Kemps aims to make the contemporary and precious from the materials and objects that surround us in our homes.  Sourcing both architectural details and home utility objects, she aims to expose the moments through which we understand an interior domestic space.  Kemps provides subtle glints of material recognition which allow the viewer to connect to a memory of place or or time.  The mundane everyday objects integrates itself onto our bodies as fresh, new, and wearable.

Gem Specification Show

featuring work from Shelly McMahon & Nikki Couppee

Opening Reception Saturday, July 12th from 6 to 9pm

Shelly McMahon

Shelly McMahon

Gem Specification, includes jewelry by artists, Nikki Couppee and Shelly McMahon.  Both artists share an investigation into the gemstones.  Historically, costume jewelry has taken on the role of recreating fine gemstones in non precious materials.  Both Coupee and McMahon speak to the futility of replicating fine jewelry inexpensively by create their own gemstones out plastic, leather, and balsa wood.


Nikki Couppee  

Nikki Couppee


Jewelry Edition is a project co-founded by Kat Cole and Laura Wood to support and promote the work of emerging and early career jewelry artists. Jewelry Edition seeks new ways to attract and educate clients on contemporary jewelry such as interactive web presence, and popup gallery events. Each year is a new edition of artists, new pop-up venues, and collaborative opportunities.  

Custom Wedding Rings forged with Love

Design a one-of-a-kind engagement and wedding rings that express the core of your relationship.

Create a ring that will stand the test of time and symbolize your union in the most personalized way.  You and your fiancé can learn to make your own rings or have your design professionally crafted.

Hands-on Jewelry Making Classes with Heidi Lowe

Explore new techniques and materials in fun workshops where you will make your own unique jewelry that represents your personal creativity and style.

Upcoming classes feature Earrings, Bracelets and Rings. Pierce, etch, and rivet alongside Heidi Lowe and other custom jewelry enthusiasts.